what are people saying?

“The book is really something different and cutting edge in the world of bat mitzvah and coming of age. It is deeply rooted in Jewish text and tradition but it also has a very introspective  almost soul searching approach, inviting young girls to think about themselves in relation to themselves, their community, their God and the world at large as they come of age. The book is also breathtakingly beautiful in its illustrations.”- Adina Roth

“The book arrived yesterday and I’ve been dipping into it – mazal tov! It  is really lively, interesting, fun to look at and full of little nuggests of wisdom. You’ve done a really good job and I hope it is very successful” – Martine Halban

“I spent this evening reading your book to my daughter. This is such an important piece of literature. It’s informative, simple to understand, engaging and is so rich in important facts. All I can say is WOW. I Love it and believe that all families should read it.” – Anthony Rosenthal

“The book is fantastic! my daughter loves it and is already filling it in!” – Elisheva Mason

“Your book is amazing. I was reading it last night. Kol ha Kavod” – WS (Jhb)

“Wow! Its really special. Am still looking at it. Really a work of heart!!! The book is absolutely stunning  ! I am blown away by it.”  – Rebbetzin, Cape Town

“You’ve done a fabulous job, and I have every expectation that it will be very popular. It’s head & shoulders above any other attempt I’ve seen at producing something of this type.” – Lyndsey Taylor-Guthartz

“Wow!!! Your book is an absolute masterpiece!  So special and unique … Bella will have such fun reading it, filling in her thoughts and reflecting on it in the years to come.  It will be a real keepsake and something she will treasure forever. A BIG thank you to you and your wonderful team for not only dreaming about it but making it a reality.” – Emma Khavari

“It’s a truly beautiful and meaningful keepsake which I hope my daughter Lulu will treasure all her life (infinitely better than the book I was given on my Batchayll- “how to be a good Jewish Wife!” – S.L. London

“You have done such amazing job on the book!  It is not only exquisitely beautiful but every page has been thought about with such sensitivity, care and wisdom.  I truly look forward to sharing it with my daughter.” R.G. London

“Best batmitzvah book I have ever come across! Covers all kinds of subjects, is serious and funny and the graphics are fabulous and and and, you really should buy it!” Pam, Israel


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